DSI Horizontal Tenters Feature:


  • TTG 20 Tenter Rails

    • All bolt on bronze alloy wear surfaces

    • No tapped holes in rail structure

    • Clevis hinge design

    • Ground plates for turnaround assemblies

  • Clip or pin style tenter chain

  • Automatic Air/Hydraulic chain tension system

  • Delivery End Drive Unit
    • Individually driven drive heads for skew/bow correction

    • SEW Eurodrive KF97 or KF107 gear reducers

    • Adjustable motor bases

    • Roller carriage assembly for width adjustment

  • Flame hardened tenter chain sprockets

  • Options include:

    • Overfeed systems

    • Stripping rolls

    • Entry rail guiding systems

    • Automatic lubrication systems






  • Chain Rails Type O45

    • The rails are constructed of machined structural steel with bronze alloy wear surfaces. The wear surfaces are easily replaceable without removing the rails from the frame. Rails are configured to capture oil ? eliminating oil on the floor.

    • The rail system has a separate track for the pull and return sides of the tenter

    • The drive sprockets are a split design, allowing them to be replaced without removing the drive shaft.

    • Rail mounted pin-on assemblies include dual pin-on brushes. These assemblies provide a positive nip action to accurately pin the fabric onto the pin tenter chain.

  • Tenter Chain Type O45

    • The chain is lightweight, suitable for high speeds, and maintains an exceptionally straight pin line.

    • The Type O45 chain body is made of a hardened high strength precision machined metal alloy to eliminate chain wear. The pins are case hardened steel with special lubrication grooves.

    • Pin plates included

  • Cross members and Saddles

    • All cross members are fabricated of structural steel with wear plates on which the saddles rest.

    • The entering cross member has a flat steel surface on which the "truck rolls", supporting the entering rails ride. Also mounted on this cross member is the guider actuation system, which moves the rails in response to the guider sensors.

    • Width adjustment is accomplished by the use of a reversible electric motor and reducer. At each cross member, the line shaft is connected to a right angle gearbox, which in turn is connected by a chain drive to each cross screw.

    • All saddles are gibbed to both the rails and cross members, and are connected to the rails by expansion blocks and hinge pins.

    • The cross screws are located on the bottom side of the cross members where they cannot contact and/or contaminate the fabric. This feature also prevents the screw threads from being obstructed with contaminates from the fabrics, i.e. strings or resins.

  • Drive Assembly

    • Structural steel cross members support the delivery rails and delivery end width adjustment system. The drive hubs slide on a keyed shaft which is supported by bearings mounted on the drive framework.

  • Options include

    • An automatic lubrication system consisting of a pump system with 16 injection points per pump and control panel with timer to control the lubrication cycle.

    • Digital rack and pinion tenter rail guiding system, complete with pinion drive motors and racks.

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