The following is a partial list of companies who use our services frequently: 

American Weavers             Aurora           Avondale        Biederlack Blankets     Brittany Dye        CA Litzler

Caldwell Constructors     Cameron Construction        Cannon Construction        CCX Fiberglass        Cisson

Clayton         Crystal Filtration        Cytec        Dalco        Firestone Fibers        Glen Raven        Hanes Dye & Finishing

Harper Construction            Highland Industries        ITG Burlington        JM Solesbee Construction        JOFO

Johnston Industries            King America        Marsh Bell Construction        Microfibers        Milliken    Mohawk

Mt Vernon Mills        Nutex        Owens Corning        Rodgers Builders        Safety Components    Schneider Mills

Shaw        Skaps    Sossamon Construction        Synthetic Industries        Ten Cate        Texel       Trehel Corporation   

UCO         Valdese



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